1/4 – Eve Ottenberg: Climate Collapse or Nuclear Winter, Take Your Pick!

Den US-amerikanska författarinnan Eve Ottenberg skildrar i Counterpunch USA:s desperata jakt efter fossilt bränsle i spåren av Rysslands krig i Ukraina. Hon skriver “Lita inte på Biden”, som nu desperat uppvakta Venezuela för få köpa landets olja:

“Åh, glöm bara våra sanktioner som dödade över 40 000 av era medborgare, ignorera det misslyckade mordförsöket på din president, bry dig inte om dina pengar som vår attackhund, Storbritannien, ryckte från dig i en handling av fräckt snatteri och hoppa över det våldsamma propagandakriget vi har fört mot ditt land – det är det amerikanska imperiet som ringer upp och vi behöver din olja!”

Eve Ottneberg skriver:

“One of the many lousy effects of the Russia/Ukraine war has been on the climate. Because Biden made the idiotic choice of sanctions over negotiation, the price of oil skyrocketed. This could have been avoided. But Washington scoffed at Moscow’s oft repeated, over decades, and finally written, security concerns. And here we are. A horrible war and climbing inflation.

The price of gas soared due to Biden’s sanctions. That’s because Russia is one of the world’s biggest energy exporters. Sanction Russia and you have to find new sources of oil and gas or pay through the nose. And most rational politicos do not want to tell their people they have to choose between buying an iPhone and filling their car’s tank with gasoline. So the hunt for more fossil fuels is on, with American right-wingers screaming that we need to drill and frack more and bashing anyone who objects on environmental grounds.

How does this bashing go? If you support renewables over more fossil fuels, you are a left-wing, Marxist Democrat inflationary fool. That’s what our homegrown reactionaries say. They claim renewables jacked up prices at the pump. This is hogwash, because it’s sanctions on Russia that did that. But that won’t stop the nonsense from being repeated ad nauseam. And though there’s usually a lag time of a few weeks before such imbecilic hyperbole taints the mainstream media, now with inflation being very real and very dramatic, expect to see the “ditch renewables at once” rash break out any day, on the face of the body politic.

Don’t rely on Biden to cure the infection or rush to the rescue of wind and solar. The president who tried to palm off the pathetic lie that astronomical prices at the pump were Putin’s fault, pivoted to desperately courting Venezuela for its oil: “Oh, just forget about our sanctions that killed over 40,000 of your citizens, ignore the failed assassination attempt on your president, never mind about your funds that our attack dog, the UK, snatched from you in an act of brazen larceny and skip the ferocious propaganda war we’ve waged against your country – this is the U.S. empire calling and we need your oil!”

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